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SkySupport Integrated Delivery System

SkySupport is an integrated UAV delivery system designed to cater to the needs of defense and public safety applications, including military operations, law enforcement, firefighting, and disaster relief. SkySupport  is designed to deliver medium to large payloads in complex and challenging environments such as rugged terrain, combat zones or disaster-stricken regions. It uses sophisticated vision-based machine learning algorithms to provide precision delivery of payloads of up to 15 lb (7 kg) from altitudes of up to 330 ft (100m).

SkySupport has multiple features to ensure safety and reliability including automatic winch tensioning, temperature monitoring and active cooling, mechanical locks and continuous monitoring of package state. SkySupport has rich analytics and fleet management software to control deployment at scale.



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Supports military operations, tactical resupply, ammunition supply, communication equipment deployment, and hazardous material response.

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Law Enforcement

Assists police and SWAT teams with emergency medical supply delivery, communication and other equipment deployment.

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Aids firefighters in accessing remote or difficult-to-reach locations for equipment delivery.

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Disaster Relief

Enables rapid response and supply delivery to disaster-stricken areas, supporting rescue efforts and minimizing human exposure to hazardous environments.


Key Features


  • Highly automated smart winch.
  • Integrated module that combines the winch with a sensor suite, cameras, laser altimeter and GPU computer for AI.


  • Autonomous navigation
  • Vision-based/ML obstacle detection and avoidance
  • Operating system that allows highly reliable operation
  • Over-the-air (OTA) software upgrade.
  • Pilot assist software for UAV positioning with augmented reality.
  • Vision based machine learning for autonomous delivery positioning.
  • Mission data management and data collection platform.

UAV Integration

SkySupport is integrated with the Inspired Flight Technologies IF1200A

Technical Specifications

Range 6 miles (9.7 km)
Endurance 24 minutes
Maximum speed 56 mph (90 km/h)
Maximum Payload 15 lbs (7 kg)
Maximum Delivery Height 330 ft (100m)
Wind Resistance 12 m/s (23 knots)
Delivery System Winch with brushless DC motor
Laser Altimeter
GPU for vision based machine learning
Thermal camera for temperature monitoring
Active cooling
Mechanical safety lock
Spool camera
Autonomous Navigation and Delivery NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier GPU
5 1080p video cameras
Remote control Herelink (provided by IF-1200A)
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